Advance Conference 2024

Friday Night: Advancing Together as Elders

Leading a church is stretching. This is because leading as part of an Eldership has the potential to create unique strains on cohesion and clarity. By its nature Eldership challenges us to think about how to lead in a way that keeps everyone pulling in the same direction while also keeping the priorities of vision and mission. Join us as we explore the depths of opportunities that Biblical Eldership provides and the depth of growth it encourages qualified men to pursue. This evening event is for elders/church leaders or anyone wanting to understand more about leadership in the church.

Saturday: Advancing the Mission as Leaders

Leadership can take many different forms in the local church. Few areas seem to test our sanctification more than being set apart to lead God’s people in pursuit of God’s purposes for the local church. Leadership raises all kinds of questions about godliness and growth and getting after a vision. This day event is for all those leading ministries in the local church or those who are growing towards that. It is designed to help us think through some of the paradoxes that Biblical leadership exposes in our hearts and in our thinking.

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Dave Harvey - President of Great Commission Collective

Dave Harvey

President of Great Commission Collective

Pete Greasley Senior Pastor, Christchurch, Newport

Pete Greasley

Senior Pastor, Christchurch, Newport

Photo of Scott Hamilton

Scott Hamilton

Harvest Glasgow

Our weekend schedule is jam-packed with engaging talks .

Here's the schedule for the weekend.

Friday 31st May

  1. Welcome & Registration

  2. Dave Harvey

    What are the keys to an Eldership's soul?

  3. Break

  4. Pete Greasley

    What can turn Eldership sour?

  5. Panel Discussion / Q&A

  6. Close

Saturday 1st June

  1. Welcome & Registration

  2. Dave Harvey

    Leadership Paradox 1: Weak is Strong

  3. Break

  4. Scott Hamilton

    Leadership Paradox 2: Thorns Provide Grace

  5. Lunch (bring a packed lunch)

  6. Panel Discussion / Q&A

  7. Pete Greasley

    Leadership Paradox 3: Losing is Gaining

  8. Close

The Location

The Advance Conference will be held at Harvest Glasgow.

167 Ashkirk Drive, Mosspark, Glasgow, G52 1LA