Rooted Conference - Boundless

At previous Rooted Conference we have thought about how God intends to use ordinary people who are rooted in the things He priorities for His people and established on the the things He has made true for His people. This being Rooted and Established is intended by God to produce freedom to pursue His plans and purposes. The things of fruitful faith are designed to create a foundation from which to forge ahead the mission of making disciples and planting churches that He calls us to in His Word. Being built by truth provides us with the basis from which to be Boundless.



We have a great set of speakers lined up for the weekend.

  • Photo of ian-hales.png

    Ian Hales

    Redemption Bible Church, Durham, Ontario

  • Photo of adrian-rusnac.jpeg

    Adrian Rusnac

    M28 Church, Bucharest, Romania

  • Photo of ross-kearney.jpeg

    Ross Kearney

    Hope Bible Church, Niagara, Ontario

  • Photo of scott-hamilton-2.jpg

    Scott Hamilton

    Harvest Glasgow

The Schedule

Our weekend schedule is jam-packed with engaging talks. Here's the schedule for the weekend:

Friday 27th September


Harvest Glasgow is hosting a Ceilidh the night before the conference, to celebrate their 15th birthday as a church.

Please get in touch to find out more.

Saturday 28th September

Welcome & Registration

Advancing in Purpose by Ian Hales

Breakout Sessions

Bound to Go
When Paul writes to the Colossians about how the Gospel is bearing fruit and growing in the whole world it is to acknowledge that sometimes we need that kind of encouragement. This panel discussion will explore the importance of global mission and be a place to hear some great stories of Gospel fruit in other parts of the world. It will also be an opportunity to consider things like mission, evangelism & church planting so as to explore ways that God calls us to go for Him.
Bound to Christ
The Gospel binds us eternally to Jesus. That is an amazing thing. Yet often we miss what that means for our life and the lives of those around us. This session will explore our union with Christ. In particular it will focus on how that helps us understand our identity in Him and shapes what trust looks like in our lives. This session will have a soul care flavour to it as we see how this vital truth shapes the confidence and care model of a healthy church.
Bound together
What does it mean to be the church? It is a vital question in our day and in our culture. In a world that is messed up and a culture that is trying to reduce belief and thought to a broken set of philosophical principles what does it look like to follow Jesus. God’s Word calls us to patterns of counter cultural community. This session will look at why and the how of what it means to live out our calling to be Biblically different.
Bound for eternity Suitable for youth
How can we live freely for Jesus in a world filled with peer pressure, image awareness and temptation? Why would we choose to live for Jesus? When we are younger we find it a challenge to think about eternity, we feel like we have so much life ahead of us. God wants to take those days and use them to get you ready now for what is to come. God has made us promises that are designed to change our lives today. This session will explore why and how to live for Jesus in the messed up world we find ourselves in.
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Tea & Coffee will be provided, but please bring your own lunch.

Ambitious in Prayer by Adrian Rusnac


Sunday 29th September

Church Service in Glasgow & Ayr

Family Worship & Prayer Event

Event will take place at Harvest Glasgow.

Monday 30th September

Welcome & Registration

Abounding in Fruit by Ross Kearney

Breakout Sessions

Bound in friendship Suitable for youth
Friendship is one of God’s great gifts. We love our friends and find value in friendship. God wants to use your friendships for more. He wants them to be a source of help and growth in your walk with Him. This session will look at ways to be the best (Biblical) friend you can be.
Bound to preach Suitable for youth
One of the great privileges we might have in the church is to have the opportunity to open God’s Word in front of people. Whether preaching on a Sunday or teaching at something like a men’s or women’s event setting this is something that we get to grow in and would be looking to sharpen our skills around. This session will explore some principles for preaching. Why is it so important and how might we develop in a preaching gift?
Bound to speak Suitable for youth
We know the principle: ‘When we have such a salvation how can we be silent.’ Yet what comes out of our mouths is often silence, stuttering or mumbling something about the weather or similar. This session is designed to help us think through some simple things to increase our confidence and clarity in communicating what Jesus means to us and how He can change the lives of those we are talking to.
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Tea & Coffee will be provided, but please bring your own lunch.

Abandoned for Christ by Scott Hamilton


Interested in coming along?

The conference is free. To give us an idea on numbers, please register online before the event. We look forward to seeing you there.