Rooted Conf - Established.. .Rooted Conference 2023

We will consider what it means for the church and the Christian to be building in the right way on the right things.

We are all building something somewhere. Maybe a life, maybe a career, maybe a family, maybe a future and maybe we are investing ourselves in a church being built. The practical reality of building anything is that the foundation, the place where that thing is established, matters. It matters a lot.

It matters in particular when it comes to spiritual things. A. W. Pink once said that ‘there is only one safeguard against error, and that is to be established in the faith; and for that, there has to be prayerful and diligent study, and a receiving with meekness the engrafted Word of God.’

So our churches, our walk with Christ, and our investment in the discipleship of those around us requires a foundation to be established upon the right things which are always eternally reliable things. God has established His truth in His Word and in our lives for the purpose of building something in us and through us that lasts forever. Welcome to our Established conference where we will consider what it is to invest our whole lives in building eternal things.

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Harvest Glasgow
167 Ashkirk Drive


Learn from pastors from the United States and Europe.

Jerry Lingenfelter

Mission Church, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Lee Ballantine

Harvest Ayr, Scotland

Marius Mezin

Biserica Metanoia Braila, Romania

Scott Hamilton

Harvest Glasgow, Scotland

Jeremiah Canfield

Reclamation Church, Monroeville, Pennsylvania

Scott Hollingshead

Doxa Church, Sacramento, California

Our weekend schedule is jam-packed with engaging talks and workshops.

Here's the schedule for the weekend:

Saturday 29 April

  1. Welcome & Registration

    - GMT

  2. Jerry Lingenfelter

    Established...In Christ

    - GMT

  3. Break Out Session 1

    - GMT

  4. Lunch & Highlight Session: Establishing Gospel Churches Q&A (Tea & coffee provided, bring your own lunch)

    - GMT

  5. Scott Hollingshead

    Established...In Patience

    - GMT

  6. Close

    - GMT

Sunday 30 April

  1. Church Service in Glasgow & Ayr

    - GMT

  2. Family Worship & Prayer Event

    - GMT

Monday 1 May

  1. Welcome & Registration

    - GMT

  2. Marius Mezin

    Established...In Grace

    - GMT

  3. Break Out Session 2

    - GMT

  4. Lunch (Tea & Coffee provided, bring your own lunch)

    - GMT

  5. Jeremiah Canfield

    Established...In Faithfulness

    - GMT

  6. Close

    - GMT

Breakout Session Info.

Here's the content for the breakout sessions:


Establishing Truth: The message of the Bible in 60 minutes

There are 66 books in the Bible. All of them are different in some way but all of them contribute to one great narrative. Understanding this is key to reading God's word well and applying it to our lives correctly. This session will map out how all God's Word fits wonderfully together. 

Establishing Closeness: How to Mary when your default is Martha

Life is busy. Our minds are distracted. The pace of time seems relentless. We are in desperate need of worshipping stillness. We need help to learn the value of sitting at Jesus feet. This breakout will encourage you to seek closeness to Jesus among the busyness of everything else.

Establishing Leaders: Q&A

One of the chief needs in the church are people who will shoulder kingdom responsibility. This panel discussion will consider the characteristics of the kind of leaders that God calls for, how to nurture them and what it looks like to grow in leadership capacity.

Establishing Connection: Social media & Meme

We are likely to be the most distracted generation in history. That distraction brings with it an openness to being influenced. So how do we stay invested in the things of Christ in an influencer culture. This breakout will explore ways to stay focused on and faithful to Jesus in a world where Facebook and friends holds sway.


Establishing Disciples: Teaching the Bible

There is something significant that happens when we realise that disciples of Jesus Christ are called to be disciple-makers. God is calling you to contribute to the depth and strength of those who are following Jesus around you. This session will seek to equip us better to do that and to invest some tools for teaching and applying the Bible in a few different settings.

Establishing Spiritual Routine: Making time with God part of every day

There is a daily battle going on for our spiritual habits. We feel this every week that goes by without us making time for Jesus. We perhaps experience the guilt of it whenever the topic of something like 'quiet times' are brought up. So how do we find good rhythms and habits when it comes to spending time with Jesus. What are some useful tools and approaches that are going to help us to grow in this.

Establishing Patterns: How to serve faithfully and sustainably

Patience and perseverance are unlikely to be things that we describe as coming easily or naturally to us. Serving can be a challenge too because of what it involves of us surrendering or submitting or being second. So when those two challenges interact it can be difficult to navigate serving faithfully for the long haul. Part heart check and part health clinic. This session will explore what long-term service of Jesus in the local church looks like. 

Establishing a Place: Using your home for Gospel Hospitality

So many pictures that God gives us in His Word to understand the Gospel surround home and family. That makes our home and family life a rich place from which to express the Gospel to those around us. Yet the thought of opening our homes in that way can be daunting. This session will seek to encourage and equip you in making Jesus famous in and through your family and offering hope from the security of your own home.